We Make Clinical Best Practices Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

Who We Are

Our journey started in 2019 at Geneva University Hospital. Dr. Ido Zamberg and Dr. Olivier Windisch created C8 Health to fix the problem of inefficient knowledge management in their pediatrics department. By 2020, our solution spread across the entire hospital and then to other hospitals in Switzerland.

By 2022, we found our niche with large teaching hospitals and medical institutions around the world, growing 100% through word-of-mouth. In 2024, partnerships with medical societies helped us reach even more users. Thanks to feedback from our customers, our platform keeps getting better.

Our Vision

We want a world where best practices in healthcare are easy to access for everyone, everywhere. Our platform brings together clinical resources in one place, helping medical teams work together and provide better care. We make sure that important information is always available, up-to-date, and part of everyday workflows.

Who We Serve

We focus on large teaching hospitals in the United States, especially departments like Anesthesia and Pediatrics. Our clients are busy healthcare professionals who care about quality and cost-effective care. They want to reduce staff overload and make accessing best practices easier.

The Problem We Solve

Hospitals spend a lot on creating and managing clinical resources, but poor knowledge management often means this information doesn’t reach where it’s needed. This causes inconsistent patient care, medical errors, and extra costs. C8 Health makes clinical resources easy to access, update, and share efficiently.