Centralize, digitize and
visualize all of your
point-of-care guidance

knowledge silos

A single platform for your entire organization

All the knowledge of your organization

Access all the locally vetted guidance of your department and hospital

Available to everyone, everywhere

Available to your entire care team on web and mobile

Quickly find exactly what you need

Retrieve any item within seconds with AI powered search

Smart formats

C8 Health transforms your entire knowledge base to mobile friendly content formats that are rich and actionable

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications that alert the care team of any changes in guidance

Data driven insights

Data driven insights on content consumption and dissemination to inform decision making.

No more doubt,
stress & exhaustion

Your teams can access any content, with full confidence and peace of mind

Always up to date

No duplicate versions, no obsolete content, every item has a set expiration date.

Always locally vetted

Every item is internally vetted by a local stakeholder.

Streamline communications and support teamwork

Effectively disseminate guidance and notifications on changes in guidance across your entire team.

Don’t get lost in long and unfriendly formats

Accessing targeted content is intuitive and fast with smart AI-powered formats

Smart formats

Easily retrieve the information you need via smart formats that utilize AI to transform long and complex documents into rich and actionable content that is mobile friendly.

In-app content editing

In-app tools for content editing and collaboration