Frontline team
collaboration platform

Built by providers, for providers, C8 Health is a cloud platform for frontline team collaboration. It is a single source of truth of locally vetted guidance, both created internally and curated from external resources.

Make all of your locally vetted guidance accessible and easy to apply. Any time, and any place.
  • Easy access to the entire knowledge base of departments and hospitils
  • Powerful Search
  • Smart formats that are adjusted to the point of care
  • AI powered tools that automate daily workflows
  • Streamlined communications
  • Personalization
  • Support for any type of format and device
Always up-to-date,
Always locally vetted.

Empower your teams with peace of mind that they are working only with updated and locally vetted guidance.

Coordinated care:
A single source of truth for all of your medical guidance

No more siloed and disconnected systems: One system for the entire hospital’s medical guidance, and the entire medical team.

Smart Formats

Easily retrieve the information you need from any desktop computer or mobile device via smart formats to replace long and complex PDF files.

Find any item in your knowledge base within seconds

Powerful search utilizing OCR, NLP and visual tags allows quick retrieval of relevant guidance.

Streamline communications and support teamwork

Effectively disseminate guidance and notifications across your team and institution.

AI powered tools that automate daily workflows…

And boost operations. These are applied to your locally vetted guidance, and allow your teams to interact with it more efficiently.

Data driven insights

Advanced analytics on content consumption and engagement.

Easy onboarding and no training required

We upload all of your existing content to HeadToToe and you are good to go. HeadToToe is extremely easy to use.

C8 Health is trusted by the world’s leading medical institutions

Join thousands of healthcare professionals in the US, Canada and Europe who rely on HeadToToe for accessing critical information that informs their daily decision making.

What Healthcare Leaders Say

“Covers my need to communicate top to bottom, but also bottom up!”

“Communication is important in a department with more than 100 physicians. We use C8 Health to provide quick and continuous access to our vast knowledge base and to ensure the entire team is updated on changes in practice. It covers my need to communicate top to bottom, but also bottom up!”

Prof. Patrick Schoettker,
Head of Department of Anesthesiology,
Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV)

“These management and dissemination tools are extremely valuable to us.”

“In the Pediatrics department we are working with C8 Health both to manage our internal knowledge base and to disseminate our medical guidelines to our network of hospitals and private clinics. These management and dissemination tools are extremely valuable to us.”

Prof. Klara Posfay-Barbe,
Chief of Service, General Pediatrics,
Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)

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